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One Fair Relic You Can Never "Tire" Of Seeing


Sorry for the bad pun folks, but I couldn't resist. We are finally back from a road trip visiting several World's Fair legacies. Our first stop was the "giant tire" outside of Detroit Michigan, along Interstate 94.

Billed as "the world's largest tire" (and we tend to agree) today it serves as a billboard of sorts for Uniroyal tires.

In 1964-65 it was one of the most unusual ferris wheels in the world. When it was part of fair, the ferris wheel gondolas went inside the two outer walls of the tire.

While we got some great video and photos of the tire, the mystery of just what might be lurking behind the door at its base remains a mystery...

Anyone have any memories of being on the U.S. Tire ferris wheel at the fair?