Growing up, I loved Disney's EPCOT Center. As I got older, I learned the basic concept of the park: bringing together different cultures and emerging technologies, was largely based on the World's Fair concept. A few years back I was in Flushing Meadows/Corona Park, site of the 1964-65 World's Fair. What struck me, as it has so many others, is in visiting the grounds, you can tell something huge took place there, but so few relics remain, I started to wonder if the fair was lost to both time and the wrecking ball.

I read stories of the leveling of several pavilions, artwork sold as scrap, and total destruction of many of the exhibits. With more research though, I discovered that all was not lost. In dozens of places across the United States, relics from the fair exist, not to mention the continuation of ideas and technologies from the fair. In this film, I want to show you the 1964-65 World's Fair lives on.

And so, with my wife Stacy serving as assistant producer, photographer, and graphic designer, we are preparing to set out on a 30-stop trip across the country to uncover the physical and ideological remnants of the fair.