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One Fair Relic You Can Never "Tire" Of Seeing


Sorry for the bad pun folks, but I couldn't resist. We are finally back from a road trip visiting several World's Fair legacies. Our first stop was the "giant tire" outside of Detroit Michigan, along Interstate 94.

Billed as "the world's largest tire" (and we tend to agree) today it serves as a billboard of sorts for Uniroyal tires.

In 1964-65 it was one of the most unusual ferris wheels in the world. When it was part of fair, the ferris wheel gondolas went inside the two outer walls of the tire.

While we got some great video and photos of the tire, the mystery of just what might be lurking behind the door at its base remains a mystery...

Anyone have any memories of being on the U.S. Tire ferris wheel at the fair?

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Reader Comments (3)

Do I have memories of the US Royal Tire Exhibit? Wow, do I ever! I worked there the second year of the fair (1965); it was one of the highlights of my life; it was SO MUCH FUN! People would ask us if the tire was made of rubber, and here it is, 49 years later, and I still remember the answer: "It was made of polyester resin, reinforced fiberglass, and coated with a laminated outer shell". I have no idea why I remember that! Working at the Fair was such a great experience for a young 20-year old. The first year I worked in the Pinkerton office, but the second year I worked inside the Fair at the Tire. I just went back to Flushing Meadow last year to see what it looked like. I couldn't get my bearings, but loved seeing the Unisphere. Next January, I'll be with Walt Disney World for 20 years, and it's just like working at the World's Fair, especially being able to go to so many of the Disney attractions that were at the Fair! Such wonderful memories come back each time I ride the Carousel of Progress or Small World.

I'd love to see your movie, where can I find it?


July 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSue Oliversen

I definitely remember this World's Fair exhibit because I worked there! Something I have in my brain from all those years ago (and don't ask me why), is that the tire wasn't made of rubber, as many people asked, it was made of "polyester resin, reinforced fiberglass and coated with a laminated outer shell".

Such a wonderful experience to work at the World's Fair, I loved every minute!

November 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSue VanWinkle

I still have a mechanical toy model of the tire that I pestered my mother to get me (I was 8 years old) at the Uni Royal Tire Ferris Wheel after we went on it. It still works using two "C" batteries.

April 15, 2014 | Unregistered Commentervicynyc

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