After The Fair

 Bring the New York World's Fair back to life in your own home with this love letter to the Fair! Travel back in time to 1964, then see how the technology and ideas from the fair are with us still today.

Filmed over nearly four years, you'll see the challenges of preserving the Fair relics of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and get a glimpse of some of the attractions from the Fair that continue to entertain today! 




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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the movie available outside the U.S.?

There are two options for viewing the movie outside the U.S. First, you can purchase a digital download. Second, international shipping is available to most countries for an addiional $10. Please ensure that your DVD player can play NTSC formatted DVDs. Please contact us to place an international order.

How long is the movie?

Feature length: 102 minutes.

Is the movie closed captioned?

The main feature is captioned on DVD, the deleted scenes are not. The digital version is not captioned at this time.

When will I get my DVD?

Orders usually ship within two business days of the order being placed. If there is a delay, we will notify you.

Is the movie available digitally?

Yes! The movie is now available digitally for purchase or rent. Click here to purchase. The digital version is in the mp4 format, and it is DRM-free.

Can I show the DVD to groups or sell tickets to screenings?

The DVD is licensed for home, private exhibition only. However if you would like to show it to a group/organization, please contact us with additional information about how it will be shown/used.

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