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After the Fair release date announced: Sept. 29th

We're thrilled to (finally!) announce the release date for our documentary, After the Fair. We will begin shipping the DVD to those who have pre-ordered on Sept. 29th. You can still pre-order and ensure you get one of the first discs, and save $5 at the same time. 

The 1964-65 NY World's Fair, held in Queens, had a tremendous impact during its two-year run, and has an enduring legacy. We've managed to pack insights from 30 people into the documentary, including Disney imagineers Rolly Crump, Bob Gurr, and Marty Sklar, who worked on four key attractions at the Fair. Directors Jon Favreau and Barry Sonnenfeld tell us about the Fair's lasting impact on pop culture. You'll see the effort to save the New York State Pavilion, as well as all the little ways that the fair impacts all of our lives. In addition to the story of the Fair at Flushing Meadows, we criss-cross the country to see the relics of the Fair, many of which are hidden in plain site.

For those who attended the Fair, After the Fair is a love letter to an amazing period in their lives, filled with innovation and wonder. For those who didn't attend, you'll gain new insight into why the Fair was such a big deal, and see how it touches your life today.

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