The first (and second and third) cut is the hardest
Friday, October 11, 2013 at 03:44PM
Ryan Ritchey

After three years "most" of our shooting is done, and it is on to editing the project. Taking hundreds of hours of footage and cutting it down to a "feature" length is no easy task. The hardest part has to be all the great shots and interviews that simply won't make it because of time constraints, etc. However, the great thing about editing a movie in 2013 is we can offer those segments separately online, and take the time to delve deeply into fun little detours in the story of the fair. 

For now though, all efforts are on finishing the main movie. This is as good of time as any to thank everyone for your help in moving "the little movie that could" along. There have been delays along the road, but everyday we're getting closer and closer to the final cut!

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